Client Testimonials

Dean was instrumental in the development and maturing of Cardinal Health's big data and analytics capabilities. His leadership skills created an analytics team that was responsive and enabled other analytics teams to leverage a data lake and build new edging edge analytics solutions. Dean's strategy of building a community of practice and data governance practices across Cardinal Health's decentralized analytics team created an environment of cross team collaboration and data sharing that finally created much needed synergies that leveraged Cardinal Health's scale.

Dean played a crucial role in establishing Cardinal Health’s Big Data environment and analytic capability. With his strategic leadership and strong technical background, he was able to partner with business partners to identify and deliver key analytics use cases. These use case were able to demonstrate real business value, (cost reduction of inventory, increase revenue, etc.). In addition, Dean established a analytics community of practice at Cardinal Health. The establishing of the CoP helped streamline business participation, collaboration and gain buy-in. Through these processes, partnerships and vision, Dean empowered other teams to the virtuous cycle of analytics based decision making into day-to-day operations at Cardinal health.